Nail Fungus Problems

Nail fungus is annoying problem that is known in the medical world as Tinea unguium or Onychomycosis. It can appear in the toenails on your feet or the fingernails on your hands. This type of condition appears when microscopic organisms, called dermatophytes, begin growing in the soft tissues underneath the nails. It is really for this type of infection to get worse because it is in the perfect dark and moist environment. Even worse, it is offered protection from the nail. When this type of infection takes hold, the areas of skin that surround the nail become inflammed and irritated.

As nail fungus becomes worse, you will be able to see slight changes in both the finger/toenail and the nail bed. It can become pretty serious with constant pain, bleeding and even the cuticles becoming detached. This type of infection can be passed from one person to the next and lives in places that are warm and moist.

More people have trouble with toenail fungus because shoes and socks give it a better place to breed and multiply in. Many times, it is picked up in public bathrooms, pools or locker rooms. Women can make themselves more susceptible to it by wearing toenail polish or false nails because they tend to trap moisture between the nail and skin. It is also possible to spread it by sharing nail care products such as files, fingernail clippers or emery boards. Having an entire infected is pretty common because the fungus can spread from one nail to the next. If a person has a weakened or compromised immune system then they are much more likely to get an infection.

When a nail infection occurs you will notice a change in the color of your toe/fingernail. It will become yellow-brown in color and there are often tiny white blotches. The texture of the nail is also likely to change and it can become very brittle, easily breaking and splitting.

Getting rid of this type of infection can be very difficult. You can buy creams over the counter at the drug or grocery store but they are not very good at going deep enough into the nail to make a difference. The doctor can give you a prescription for a pill that kills the fungus internally. These types of medication require months to be effective and are actually quite strong. Be sure to read about the side effects because they are harmful to your skin and liver. Also, keep in mind that even if you do get rid of the infection there is a high chance it will come back in the future.

Dee Braun, a single mom of 6, is a Cert. Aromatherapist & natural health practitioner. Click now to visit Natural Holistic Health Blog which offers info on more natural home remedies & healing techniques for common health, emotional ailments & conditions at


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